Hi again,

Today, I made mint chocolate chip ice cream..but not your average mint chocolate ice cream, this one has spinach in it.  That might scare you. Ice cream and spinach are two things that should never go together, am I right?

But, after browsing online, I came across a couple of recipes for healthy mint “chocolate chip” ice cream. The key item in most recipes was spinach because it gives the ice cream the green colour- but all claim that you can not taste the spinach. So, I decided I needed to give this a go and see if it really did resemble my most loved ice cream flavour. NOTE-  All the recipes that I read online said to add chocolate chips, however, I decided to make a raw chocolate sauce to pour over the ice cream. If you want to, just skip the chocolate sauce step and add chocolate chips.



Four frozen bananas, 1/4 Frozen spinach, 2 tsp almond milk, 2-3 drops pure peppermint extract

For the raw chocolate sauce you will need:

1/4 cup water

1/4 cacao powder

1 tbsp Maple syrup (or more if you like things really sweet)

Directions for raw chocolate sauce 

* I suggest to make the chocolate sauce about 15-20 minutes before the ice cream because it can sit in the fridge to thicken*

1) Put all ingredients into a blender

2) Blend

3) Set in fridge (if you want it to thicken, if you like it runny, just set it aside)

Directions (for ice cream):

1) PUT ALL ingredients in food processor or high powered blender



FINAL STEP: Scoop ice cream into bowl and then pour desired amount of chocolate sauce over top. ENJOY!

You really honestly can not taste the spinach and the peppermint in the ice cream is so fresh tasting. Make it and see for yourself!


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