Healthy Pancakes

Hello everyone,

Another recipe (taken off pinterest, of course) that I have whipped up in the kitchen that I cannot believe is healthy because they are oh so good. Better than “normal” pancakes….. (if I dare say it)

All you will need is:

2 eggs

1/2 cup of oats 

1/4 tsp of cinnamon 

1 banana 

1/4 cup of unsweetened apple sauce

TOPPINGS: Pure maple syrup, peanut butter, raspberries (this is what i used on mine, but you can put whatever you want on top)

Ingredients you will need

Ingredients you will need

*I have made these before and JUST used eggs and banana and it works but i find this recipe makes better pancakes (fluffier)*


1) Blend oats in blender

2) Once blended, add all other ingredients in and blend until combined into a batter

3) Cook batter on buttered pan (medium to medium high heat)

Seriously look at these. Go make them now.


2 thoughts on “Healthy Pancakes

    • Hello,

      No a doctor did not suggest this recipe to me.
      But I know that they are healthy because of the ingredients that go into them. Normally, if you use pancake mix from a box to make pancakes there is lots of sugar and unhealthy added ingredients. Instead, this homemade pancake batter uses all natural ingredients and things that are good for your body and filled with nutrients!

      Hope that answered your question,


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