Raw Chocolate Ice Cream

Hello everyone,

This recipe that I found on pinterest is for raw/vegan ice cream. It uses only TWO ingredients (you can add more if you would like) and only takes about five minutes to make- and it is REALLY good. It is refined sugar free, dairy free and fat free.

All you need is:

Three frozen bananas and one tablespoon of cacao powder. I also added in some frozen blueberries and sprinkled chia seeds on top.


1) Put bananas (broken into small pieces) into blender and blend until smooth *while blending you have to stop and scrape down sides a couple of times*

2) Once smooth, add in cacao powder  (and anything else if you decide to) and BLEND again until everything is combined

3) SERVE. You can put fruit on top if you like as well- I added some more banana and chia seeds

Find the original recipe here: The simple veganista

You can change up this recipe as you please…some good ideas would be adding in more fruit or adding some peanut butter or honey.

-Kate 🙂

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