My fav snacks!

Hi everyone!

I like to make sure that I have snacks in between my meals and these are all of my favourite ones! I find these snacks great because most of them you can pack in your bag and bring around with you if you are going out for the day.

1. CASHEWS (or any type of nut)

Cashews are the perfect snack because they are high in magnesium and protein. I prefer to get raw cashews.



These are SO good. They are low(er) in sugar (only 6 grams per about 11) and high in fibre (5 grams per about 11). Most granolas/ oat clusters have TONS of sugar, so i try and avoid them- so these are a great alternative.


3) Carrots and hummus


4) SOUP (Amys Lentil soup)

This is kind of weird, considering most people probably eat soup as a meal but I usually have soup as a bigger snack/ light meal.  I try not to eat canned soup that often but its good when you don’t have time to make your own.

I love Amys soup because its made with simple ingredients and its lower in salt than most canned soups. I love the lentil one because its high in protein and once again fibre.


5) APPLE SAUCE (unsweetened)

OMG I love apple sauce and its the perfect on the go snack. I just buy those little pre-packaged ones and grab one when I’m going somewhere.

Make sure to get the unsweetened ones because the ones that are sweetened have a ridiculous amount of sugar.

6) Rice cakes with peanut butter and honey

Just grab a rice cake and spread some peanut butter on top (I like to add a bit of honey) and its the perfect snack!

I like to buy brown rice cakes and I love this brand (Lundberg)


-Kate 🙂

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